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May 20, 2009

Pre-Nationals Poll Results

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The annual Pre-Nationals High School Quizbowl poll was announced today over on the hsqb message boards and here’s your top 25:

1. State College (PA), 386 points (6 first place votes) (best: 1st, worst: 3rd)**
2. Wilmington Charter (DE), 370 points (5 first place votes) (best: 1st, worst: 6th)**
3. Hunter (NY), 365 points (5 first place votes) (best: 1st, worst: 8th)
4. Maggie Walker (VA), 348 points (best: 2nd, worst: 6th)**
5. Dorman (SC), 344 points (best: 3rd, worst: 6th)**
6. Walter Johnson (MD), 328 points (best: 2nd, worst: 12th)**
7. Georgetown Day School (DC), 296 points (best: 6th, worst: 16th)**
8. Detroit Catholic Central (MI), 255 points (best: 8th, worst: 14th)**
9. Thomas Jefferson (VA), 244 points (best: 4th, worst: 14th)**
10. Gonzaga (DC), 219 points (best: 7th, worst: 25th)
11. Stow-Munroe Falls (OH), 211 points (best: 7th, 15 of 16 ballots)**
12. Rockford Auburn (IL), 184 points (best: 6th, 14 of 16 ballots)**
13. Rancho Bernardo (CA), 173 points (best: 8th, 14 of 16 ballots)**
14. New Trier (IL), 170 points (best: 7th, 14 of 16 ballots)**
15. Chaska (MN), 164 points (best: 10th, worst: 24th)**
16. Walt Whitman (MD), 139 points (best: 10th, 15 of 16 ballots)
17. Brookwood (GA), 134 points (best: 10th, worst: 25th)**
18. Detroit Country Day (MI), 113 points (best: 6th, 8 of 16 ballots)**
19. Dunbar (KY), 92 points (best: 13th, 13 of 16 ballots)**
20. Bergen County (NJ), 74 points (best: 16th, 11 of 16 ballots)**
21. Chattahoochee (GA), 56 points (best: 14th, 11 of 16 ballots)**
22. Kellenberg (NY), 52 points (best: 13th, 10 of 16 ballots)**
23. James Monroe (VA), 49 points (best: 17th, 9 of 16 ballots)
24. Southside (SC), 47 points (best: 12th, 6 of 16 ballots)
25. James Island (SC), 43 points (best: 17th, 9 of 16 ballots)
Update: ** indicates that the team is registered for the HSNCT

So out of the top 25, 19 will be in Chicago next weekend to compete for the 2009 HSNCT title. Out of the top 20, 17 will be present and competing. Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone, but this is based on checking the current field list.

Much thanks to Fred Morlan for conducting the poll and tallying the results.

We’ll be going through each of the teams that will be at HSNCT in turn over the next week or so as well as some of the teams that just missed the ballot. Stay tuned.


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