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May 23, 2009

Field Breakdown

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For a geographic picture of this year’s field, check out this Google Map that pinpoints the location of each school attending (Thanks to Wilmington Charter coach Bill Tressler for creating it).

Here are the number of teams from each state:
Michigan- 18
California- 14
Minnesota- 13

Oklahoma- 13
Illinois- 10
Kentucky- 9
Ohio- 9
Missouri- 8
Texas- 8
Pennsylvania- 7
Virginia- 7
New Jersey – 6
Georgia- 6
Indiana- 5
North Carolina- 5
Alabama- 5
Iowa- 5
New York – 4
Delaware – 4
Florida – 4
Wisconsin- 3
Utah- 3
Arkansas- 3
South Dakota- 2
South Carolina- 2
Tennessee- 2
Mississippi- 2
Louisiana- 2
Connecticut- 2
Washington, DC – 1
Maryland- 1
Montana- 1
Nevada- 1
New Hampshire- 1
Vermont- 1
New Mexico- 1
Kansas- 1

…and one other country:
Canada- 1

To qualify for the HSNCT, teams had to place at a tournament according to NAQT’s rules or request and receive a wild-card.

Tomorrow, look for the first part of our team breakdowns which will include a discussion of possible contenders for the NAQT Small School championship as well as some “dark horse” teams that could make a run in the main draw.

Also, in case you can’t wait until next weekend for live quizbowl action, Fred Morlan will be liveblogging the 2009 PACE National Scholarship Championship this Saturday and Sunday. While NAQT and PACE differ somewhat in content and format, both emphasize pyramidal knowledge so the results from PACE will be an interesting albeit imperfect preview of what we might expect at the HSNCT next weekend.


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