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May 30, 2009

Dorman vs. Wilmington Charter: Round 9

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Again from Chris Carter:

Now we have Dorman up against Wilmington Charter A.  Again with Chad Kubicek reading in O’Hare. For those following along, both of these teams are undefeated, Dorman just having defeated State College, and Charter having defeated Thomas Jefferson A.  Charter’s hats are present, but Henry is not wearing one.  Dorman is still in the polos.

TU 1. Math calc again!  Henry has neither pencil nor paper ready.  Charter powers it anyway.  20 points on the bonus. (35,0).

TU 2. Todd gets it for 10.  Another weird related-answers bonus. They 30 it. (35,40).

TU 3. Henry powers it with a very early buzz. They 20 a trash music bonus. (70, 40).

TU 4. Powered by someone on Dorman.  They 20 the bonus, with some solid knowledge. (70,75).

TU 5. Henry gets it for 10, racing against Freddy.  They 20 it with science knowledge. (100,75).

TU 6. Dorman powers it very very early on.  They 20 it. (100,110).

TU 7. Dorman powers it with sports knowledge.  20 on the bonus, some very real knowledge here. (100, 145).

TU 8. Dorman powers it again.  Very strong team here. Another craaazy bonus though.  10 pts on the bonus. (100,170).

TU 9. Dorman gets it at the end, that was a very hard tossup.  A muses bonus!  Oh god.  They 30 it anyway. (100, 210).

TU 10. Dorman gets it again.  A weird odd art bonus.  20 points. (100, 240).

TU 11. They, Dorman, power an elements tossup that has been written millions of times before.  They get a computer literacy bonus and get 10 pts. (100,265).

TU 12. Dorman gets a very good buzz on this, but not power. Timer goes off mid-bonus, and they get it for 30. (100, 305).

At the half, nothing interesting happens.

TU 13. Henry negs very early, but Dorman picks it up.  They combine for 30 on the bonus, and note “Come on guys.”  They are doing very good. (95, 345).

TU 14. Charter gets it, with a good buzz.  They get a science bonus and 20 it. (125, 345).

TU 15. Dorman negs early, and Neeraj powers it! They eat up the geography bonus and 30 it. (170, 340).

TU 16. Charter negs it, and Dorman picks it up. Dorman 30s it.  These guys are damn balanced. (165,380).

TU 17. Henry makes a daring buzz and negs early. Dorman picks it up.  They 20 the bonus. (160, 410).

TU 18. Math calc again!  Tossup dies.  Hooray math calc!

TU 19. Henry gets it for 10. They 20 the bonus. (190, 410).

TU 20. Henry negs in the middle, he realizes what he did.  Todd picks it right up.  They don’t have great bridge knowledge, and only 20 the bonus. (185, 440).

TU 21. Henry makes another daring buzz, and negs again. Dorman grabs it. They 30 it. (180, 480).

TU 22. Freddy negs middle.  Charter picks it up as the timer goes off. They get 20 on it. (210, 475). DORMAN WINS 475-210

Wow, Dorman! And down goes last week’s national champions…. Dorman’s on a great run right now and even though tomorrow will ultimately be judgment day, these wins today have to do wonders for their confidence. We’ll keep y’all posted and should have individual stats soon.


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