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May 30, 2009

First Round Liveblog from Chris Carter

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Senior HSNCT Liveblog Correspondent Chris Carter was on hand for the first round of the day. I (Chris Chiego) am currently holed up in the stats room working on the liveblog, but I’ll be going to visit some game rooms for the afternoon rounds.

Here’s what Chris Carter had to say:

The room I am sitting in has no wifi whatsoever, so this blog will be less than live.

We have State College A playing Muscatine with Mike Sorice reading the round.  Graham is playing as “My Rocket to Come”.  That’s Important.  The pseudonyms are running wildly in this game.  I do not know the other team’s real names so I won’t be referring to them personally.  State College has a sound track that they are carrying around.

The clock is running, tossup one gets negged very very early by Graham, and is picked up by Muscatine, getting 10 on the bonus. (-5,20)

State College (Ben) negs tossup 2 as well, and M picks it up, going on to 0 the bonus.  Score is -10 to 30.

Ben gets the third tossup, pulling them out of the negatives, and 30s the bonus, tying the game. (30,30).

Someone on SC powers tossup 4, with a pretty good buzz!  They 20 the bonus, couldn’t pull the second part. (65,30).

SC gets tossup 5 for ten, and has a ridiculous bonus.  They 10 it. (85,30).

SC 10s tossup 6!  They have a computational science bonus.  Hooray!  20 pts.  (115,30).

SC powers tossup 7, getting good looks from the room.  They screw up the pronunciation on the first part, but get 20 anyway.  A protest is lodged on the first part. (150,30 – 10 in protest).

TU 8.  Ben gets it at the end, seemed like he knew it earlier.  Thirty on the bonus! (190,30 – 10 in protest).

TU 9.  Ben gets a solid buzz, powering it.  20 points on the bonus. (225, 30 – 10 in protest).

TU 10.  Graham negs early with a reasonable guess, Muscatine picks it up.  Clock goes off mid-bonus, and they pick up 10.  (220, 50 – 10 in protest).

Reconciled the score at halftime, at least three people are keeping score, and we were all off.  Go us.

TU 11, solid buzz by SC for a power.  30 points on the bonus, with a bit of a guess. (265, 50 – 10 in protest).

TU 12 is got by SC for 10.  Very short (bad) bonus, SC gets 10. (285, 50 – 10 in protest).

TU 13.  Graham powers, but seemed unsure!  0 points on the odd isotopes bonus.  (300, 50 – 10 in protest).

TU 14.  Power to SC, and get 20 on the bonus, with the team unsure on the third part and making the wrong guess. (335, 50 – 10 in protest.)

TU 15.  Muscatine gets the tossup for 10!  Another weird common link bonus, and get 0. (335, 60 – 10 in protest).

TU 16.  State College negs on the first line.  He realized it was wrong as he buzzed. Muscatine gets it just in time, for 10.  They get 20 on the bonus.  (330, 90 – 10 in protest).

TU 17.  State College powers the linguistics/foreign language tossup!  They don’t do great on the sports bonus, getting 10. (355, 90 – 10 in protest).

TU 18.  SC negs early…  The tossup dies (350, 90 – 10 in protest).

TU 19.  Ben powers very very early! 30 on the bonus. (395, 90 – 10 in protest).

TU 20, powered by SC again!  This team is very good at answering questions.  They 20 the bonus. (430, 90 – 10 in protest).

TU 21. 10 for SC.  Clock dies on the bonus.  They get 10. (450,90).


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