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May 30, 2009

Liveblog of Rounds 5 and 6

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It’s now lunch break and we’re still waiting on the stats to get online, but for now here are a few more liveblogs by Chris Carter. I will be posting about the stats as soon as I get the information; right now all I have is a massive pile of scoresheets that takes forever to go through by hand.

Round 5:

Maggie Walker vs. Buffalo Grove with Hannah Kirsch reading .  Turns out that the person on Gov who I thought was Tommy was Matt, and Matt was Tommy.  I have never actually seen them play…

TU 1.  Matt gets the first tossup, everyone is angry at it.  10 pts on the bonus. (20,0).

TU 2.  Goes to Buffalo Grove, fairly early, but for 10.  0 pts on the bonus. (20,10).

TU 3. Math calc, Buffalo Grove (Illinois team) gets it.  30 on the jew bonus. (20, 50).

TU 4.  Greg form Gov negs it.  It dies. (15,50).

TU 5. Tommy powers the music.  They 20 the bonus, missing the last part. (50,50).

TU 6. Tommy powers again!  20 on the bonus. (85,50).

TU 7. Tommy gets it, but just misses power.  I believe he said “I suppose…”  10 on the bonus. (105,50).

TU 8. Gov gets it, after a very very simple giveaway.  30 points on the history bonus. (145,50).

TU 9. Sarah powers it very quickly.  Another weird point valued bonus, but Gov 30s. (190,50).

TU 10. Buffalo Grove negs, Sarah picks it up.  The trash bonus gets no points. (200,45)

TU 11. Tommy powers it handily.  Very good buzz.  0 the bonus.  (215,45)

TU 12.  Gov negs, BG picks it up.  10 on the bonus (210, 65).

TU 13 as the timer dies.  BG negs. Gov gets it and goes on to 10. (230,60).

At the half there was some wacky score checking, but it got worked out!

TU 14. BG negs it pretty early, Gov (I think Matt) picks it up.  10 on a sorta hard bonus. (250, 55).

TU 15.  BG gets it early, but not for power.  They get a cool bonus that they had some good knowledge on for 20.  (250, 85).

TU 16.  BG Powers!  They get a science bonus for their trash tossup though.  10 on that. (250,110).

TU 17.  Its math calc time again.  Wooooo packet-per-packet distribution.  Gov gets it on the end. 10 points for Gov on the bonus. (270,110).

TU 18. Gov gets it again.  Tommy/Greg combine to thirty it. (310,110).

TU 19. Wonderful general knowledge tossup got by Tommy.  They 30 it. (350,110).

TU 20. Tommy gets a great history/GK tossup and then a trash bonus!  20 points on the soda drinks! (380,110).

TU 21. Gov negs, BG drops it. (375,110).

TU 22. Goes dead…  I assume this was Trygve’s jurisprudence tossup. (375,110).

TU 23.  BG accidentally negs, Gov gets it at the end.  They manage 20 on it, and almost had 30. (405, 105).

TU 24. Gov powers… They get 20 on a bonus. (440,105).

TU 25. Sarah gets it for 10.  30 on the bonus. (480,105).

TU 26. BG negs. Gov gets it. They get 10. (500,100).

Round 6:

GDS A v St Joseph’s (UT) with someone reading.

TU 1. St Joseph’s powers in like three words.  Awesome buzz. 10 on the bonus. (0,25).

TU 2. GDS negs, it dies. (-5,25).

TU 3. Math Calc…  Matt Jackson from GDS gets it.  They get 0 points on the bonus… (5,25).

TU 4. St Joseph’s gets it, and GDS was right behind them.  0 on the bonus. (5,35).

TU 5. St Joseph powers! 30 on the animals bonus!  (5,80).

TU 6. St Joe’s negs. Matt Jackson picks it up.  They get 10 on the bonus.  (25,75).

TU 7. Ian makes a neg which he deems somewhat embarrassing.  Other team picks it up, and ends up getting a semi-related bonus!  0 on that though. (20, 85).

TU 8. Ian gets it, much to his relief.  20 points on their science bonus. (50,85).

TU 9. Nobody converts (50,85).

TU 10. Matt Jackson negs and realizes it too.  St Joseph’s gets it, but goes 0 on the bonus.(45, 95).

TU 11.  GDS gets it, everyone was buzzing. They get 30 on the bonus. (85, 95).

TU 12. Ian accidentally negs.  It dies. (80,95).

Ian/GDS is very apprehensive.  It looks like George Berry and I are a curse to them.

TU 13. St Joseph’s negs.  GDS picks it up! They get 10 pts on the bonus. (100,90).

TU 14.  Matt Jackson gets a solid buzz for power.  30 points on the bonus! (145,90).

TU 15. St Joseph gets it late but still a good buzz.  0 on the bonus. (145, 100).

TU 16. St Joe’s negs.  Matt Jackson picks it up.  They get 10 on a ridiculous bonus. (165, 95).

TU 17. St Joe’s powers.  They get 10. (165,120).  Ian calls for a score check.  The room is tense.

TU 18. St Joe’s powers. 10 on the bonus. (165, 145).

TU 19. Ian gets a “comp sci” tossup for 10.  30 pts on the bonus, Ian seems happier. (205, 145).

TU 20.  Ian gets it for 10 pretty early. They are doing great on this bonus, getting 30. (245,145).

TU 21. Ian gets a pretty embarrassing buzz but still gets points. 30 points! (285, 145).

TU 22. St Joe’s gets the tosusp for 10. 10 on the bonus (285, 165).

TU 23. Ian powers the next tossup fairly well. GDS combines to 30 it. (330, 165).

TU 24. St Joe’s negs on the tossup. Ian gets it and the clock dies. On the bonus they go 30. (370, 160).


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