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May 30, 2009

Round 7: Dorman vs. State College

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In an exciting round 7 matchup of matching polos, southeastern powerhouse Dorman of South Carolina takes on the #1 ranked team State College of Pennsylvania:

We have Dorman A vs State College A with Chad Kubicek reading the round in O’Hare B.  State College’s pseudonyms continue to amuse.

TU 1. It’s math calc time!  Ben from SC powers it.  They have a solid 20 on the bonus (35,0).

TU 2. Graham negs very early. Todd picks it up. 20 on the bonus. (30,30).

TU 3. Todd gets it somewhat early, but still for 10.  Weird science bonus, which they pull out a 10 on. (30,50).

TU 4. Ben negs after about 5 words.  Had a good guess though.  Freddy picks it up with solid knowledge.  30 on the bonus!  (25, 90).

TU 5. Ben powers this tossup with a solid buzz.  A scary trash bonus shows up and SC looks quite confused. No pts. (40,90).

TU 6. David from SC negs this early.  Dorman picks it up though. 0 points on a computational thing. (35,100).

TU 7. Freddy gets a pretty good buzz on the science. 10 pts on the bonus. (35, 120).

TU 8. Dorman negs very early.  Graham picks it up (it was current events).  State College has some good knowledge and 30s the bonus (75, 115).

TU 9. SC powers it very early!  They solidly 20 the bonus. (110,115).

TU 10. Dorman gets the music tossup. They get 10 on the bonus. (110, 135).

Half time, scores check out.  People on State College aren’t cold.  This is important.  A tossup was skipped accidentally, so yes, he only did get through 10… And these tossup numbers might not line up with your packets at home.

TU 11. Todd (I think) powers it, but Graham was right behind.  These teams both have really good knowledge.  They 30 the bonus (110, 180).

TU 12. Graham powers it, with a very good buzz. They 30 it, handily. (155,180).

TU 13. Alex (I think) from Dorman gets a super good buzz and power.  10 points on the science bonus. (155,205).

TU 14. Dorman negs, but SC picks it up.  It was rough…  They take a Jew bonus and 20 it. (185, 200).

TU 15. Todd powers the sports.  It was a damn good buzz.  They quickly 30 it! (185, 245).

TU 16. Someone on Dorman gets it for 10.  They 20 it, with deep knowledge and just got confused. (185, 275).

TU 17. Todd powers, and they get 10 pts. (185,300).

TU 18. Either Todd or Freddy got it for 10.  They get 20 on the bonus. (185, 330). (I cannot see the clock where I am, that’d be nice).

TU 19. David from SC gets it. Trash bonus, they get 10. (205, 330).

TU 20. SC powers the hell out of it. They get 20 on the bonus.  Should have had thirty, but everyone was talking at once and it got mispronounced. (240,330).

TU 21. Math calc.  Dies. Graham was in but didn’t make it.

TU 22. Dorman powers it, with a damn good buzz.  20 on the bonus.(240, 360) Dorman wins!

This is certainly impressive; Dorman has struggled with winning the big games before and now they have a very solid victory over an excellent team. Thanks to the card-matching schedule however, Dorman will now likely have to face the next best teams in the field to stay undefeated. Will a Charter-Dorman matchup be in the cards soon? We’ll see.


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