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May 30, 2009

Rounds 11 and 12 Liveblog: Dorman and State College

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Liveblog of Round 11:
Round 11: Dorman vs St Mark’s of Texas.  The moderator is Andrew Hart with Charlie Dees helping out and keeping score..  The pairings are now uneven, St Mark’s is 5-1, Dorman is 6-0.  Also, I would like to note that there is no Mark on Dorman.  Whoops.

TU 1. Freddy powers the first tossup. They 20 the sci-fi bonus. (35,0).

TU 2. Dorman negs and St Mark’s picks it up right away, but too late for power.  They 20 the bonus. (30, 30).

TU 3. Todd gets the tossup at the very end, almost not getting it in time.  They manage 10 on the bonus. (50,30).

TU 4.  It’s math calc time. St Mark’s gets it before the end, but still for 10. They zero the bonus. (50,40).

TU 5. St Mark’s tried to change their answer when asked to repeat, and was then negged.  Dorman picked it up.  They 20 the bonus, after a lot of conferral. (80,35).

TU 6. Todd gets it for ten, although it was less than fun. They pull 20, missing the last part they were unsure of. (110,35).

TU 7. Todd negs on time, and St Mark’s was able to repeat his late answer fine, for 10.  They 20 the bonus. (105, 65).

TU 8. Kleve (spelling is probably wrong) gets it for 10. They 30 the bonus, quickly. (145,65).

TU 9. Someone on Dorman got it pretty quick, before I could look up to see who it was, and they got it for 10.  They get 20. (175,65).

TU 10. St. Mark’s picks it up with some solid knowledge for a power. Another crazy common link bonus, which gets no conversion or points here. (175,80).

TU 11 as the timer goes off. Dorman picks up this really really ridiculous tossup.  I wish I could tell you guys these things.  They get 10. (195,80).

At the half we played with the timer!  These timers are neat.  Scores are all right.

TU 12 is math calc again.  Dorman negs and St Mark’s picks it up. They 20 the bonus. (190, 110).

TU 13. Dorman powers it, and gets an exciting exciting bonus, gotta know that GK. They get 10. (215, 110).

TU 14. Todd gets a great power on the tossup.  Timer was stopped for figuring out who it was.  That was more fun with timers. They get 20. (250,110).

TU 15. St Mark’s gets the tossup.  They have some solid history facts, and 30 the bonus. (250, 150).

TU 16. St Mark’s gets it again. They get 10. (250, 170).  Someone on Dorman once again says “Come on guys.”

TU 17. St Mark’s negs and Dorman picks it up.  A current events bonus shows up and Dorman 30s. (290,165).

TU 18. Dorman powers the hell out of it. They 30 it! (335,165).

TU 19. St Mark’s powers the trash! They 20 their bonus. (335, 200).

TU 20. St Mark’s beats Dorman to the buzzer.  They 0 it. (335, 210).

Time out called by Dorman. 6 tossups left and 2 minutes on the clock.  This is anyone’s game.

TU 21. Dorman gets it, and 10s their bonus. (355,210).  More timer madness.

TU 22. Todd powers it very early on!  They take their bonus and get 20 points from it. (390,210).

TU 23 dies.  Dead.  That was terrible.

TU 24 just as the timer goes off. Dorman runs out of time, it dies. (390, 210). Dorman wins.

Round 12

Here we have State College playing against Detroit County Day School, this is an uneven matching, with SC at 6-1, and DCDS at 7-0.  Chad Kubicek will be reading again

TU 1. Ben gets the tossup after some fun prompting, and gets a bonus that they shakily 10. (20,0).

TU 2. Neil of DCDS powers this very quickly, and gets a bonus that they 0d. (20,15).

TU 3. Graham gets it for 10 on a buzzer race among the team.  They get 10 on a geography sort of bonus. (40,15).

TU 4. Ben negs, the rest of the team was buzzing. DCDS picks it up at the end.  They get 10 on the bonus. (35, 35).

TU 5. Graham gets it fairly early, and seems very relieved.  They struggled on one bonus part and got 20. (65,35).

TU 6. Graham negs early, very confused, and someone from DCDS picks it up and powers.  They 20 their bonus. (60, 70).

TU 7. Graham powers it with some angry knowledge.  Can’t stress how good this team is.  Both of these teams, actually.  They thirty their bonus. (105, 70).

TU 8. Someone on State College gets this, everyone is pretty confused.  They get 20 on their bonus. (135, 70).

TU 9.  Neil gets it near the end for 10. They 20 their bonus. (135, 100).

TU 10.  Neil gets it, racing Ben, for 10. They 20 a pretty hard bonus. (135, 130).

TU 11 as the timer goes off. Neil negs, Graham powers shortly thereafter.  They get 10 on the bonus,  (160,125).

Halftime was boring.

TU 12. Someone on SC powered it. 10 on the bonus, (185, 125).

TU 13. Graham powers it, very good buzz.  An exciting bonus comes up, State College gets 20 on it. (220,125).

TU 14. Neil powers, with some very legit knowledge.  They get 20 on an exciting bonus. (220,160).

TU 15. Graham negs pretty early, DCDS picks it up right before the end.  They get 30 on their bonus! (215, 200).

TU 16 is math calc again. Someone on DCDS gets it for 15, and they get 20 on the bonus. (215, 235).

TU 17. Ben powers it, with a good buzz.  20 points on the bonus. (250,235).

TU 18. Ben powers again!  They have a CE bonus and 0 it. (265,235).

TU 19 is math calc again. Neil negs.  Ben picks it up at the very end.  They get a sports bonus and 20 it. (295, 230)

Time out to check the score by DCDS. 2 minutes left and 7 tossups.  This is still a game.

TU 20. DCDS powers it.  SC was close behind, but not fast enough. They 30 it. (295, 275).

TU 21. SC powers it very quickly.  Didn’t catch who. 20 on the bonus. (330, 275).

TU 22. Ben had a very very great buzz, for 15. Timer goes during the bonus, which SC gets 0 on. (345,275). State College knocks off formerly undefeated DCD.


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