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May 31, 2009

Welcome Deadspin Readers; A Brief Explanation of Some Quizbowl Lingo/Terms

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First off, welcome readers of Deadspin! We’re glad that you decided to come venture into another arena of competition.

For a guide to the quizbowl lingo that’s used in some of the match liveblogs/descriptions, check out the quizbowl wiki. There’s also a lot of amusing anecdotes on there such as the frequent quizbowl travel disasters.

Here’s a guide to some of the abbreviations used on the stats on the website:

“TUH” is the total number of Tossups (that is, questions either team can answer) heard; it varies from game to game because NAQT is a timed format and readers read at different speeds

“PPG” is points per game and “PP20H” is points per 20 tossups heard because every player hears a different number of tossups

“PF” is points for and “PA” is points against

“15” are “powers”; that is, the player answered them correctly very early in the question (the point is usually marked with as asterisk) and for displaying such deep knowledge those answers are worth 15 instead of 10.

“10” are regular correct answers

“-5” are “negs”; that is, a player buzzed in during the question and missed it, leading to a 5 point penalty

Feel free to comment or email if you have any questions; my email’s cchiego atnospam


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