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June 3, 2009

Recap of Round 15

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You can listen to this round here with different teams playing on the questions:

Recap, as usual, by Chris Carter:

Georgetown Day School playing Maggie Walker in Chad’s room.  This room is cold.  GDS is 9-0 and Maggie Walker is 8-1 (having just beaten State College).  Ian is weary since I can occasionally be a bad luck charm on him.  The winner of this game gets to keep the 1 card!

TU 1. Matt Jackson [GDS] powers it on a good buzz. They get a religion bonus which they go on to get 20 on. (35,0).

TU 2. Ian [of GDS] gets it for 10, and they get another insane common-link bonus, they 20 it. (65,0).

TU 3 is math calc already! Matt Jackson gets it at the end for 10, and they get a pretty sane bonus.  They 30 it! (105,0).

TU 4. Ian negs early, and Greg picks it up.  They get a weird bonus, and 10 pts are in protest.  10 on the bonus. (100, 20).

TU 5. Someone on GDS gets it for 10, and 20s the bonus. (130,20).

TU 6. Someone on Maggie powers it.  They get a titles bonus and 20 it. (130, 55).

TU 7. Matt Jackson gets 10 on it.  They 30. (170,55).

TU 8. Sarah [Maggie Walker] powers it!  She knows this stuff!  Again these teams are both super good.  They get 20 on the bonus. (170, 90).

TU 9. Ian (or maybe Matt) gets it for ten, and then they go on to 10 their bonus (190,90).

TU 10. Ian negs early, and Greg gets it after hesitating a bit at then end.  They 30 it. (185,130).

TU 11. Ian gets it, and asks if it is “seriously” what it is.  They get the bonus as the timer goes off and get 20. (215,130).

Half time scores look good.  It’s still a very possible game, and there are still 10 pts in protest (for Gov).

TU 12. Ian gets it for 10.  They get 10 on the bonus. (235,130).

TU 13. GDS powers it, but go on to 0 the bonus. (250,130).

TU 14. Tommy or Greg powered it, and they 30 it. (250, 175).

TU 15. Matt Jackson gets some fun chemistry, and gets a weirdly structured bonus, but they get 20. (280, 175).

TU 16. The boy on GDS who I don’t know but I think might be named Oliver gets the tossup.  They get 20 on the bonus. (310,175).

TU 17. Ian negs, and Greg picks it up.  They get a related bonus on animals and 30 it. (305, 215).

TU 18. Ian powers it. They get a trash bonus and 20 it. (340,215).

TU 19. Greg gets it for 10.  They 20 the bonus. (340, 245).

TU 20. Greg (I think?) negs very early. GDS does not convert!  Matt Jackson gave a wrong answer (340, 240).

TU 21.  Maggie Walker gets it for 10, and get a bonus, like one does.  They get 30 on it. (340, 280).

TU 22 is math calc.  I still wish I could see the clock.  These rooms aren’t the greatest for quizbowl.  It dies, and Matt Jackson tried to answer for Matt Kluge but at the end so it ended well.

TU 23. Maggie powers it. They 20 it. (340, 315).

TIME OUT.  5 Seconds left, but its anyone’s game, and there are still 10 in protest [note that the change in NAQT rules this year means that the entirety of the question is read even after the timer goes off].  Chad only keeps his wife around to remember protests, though.

TU 24. GDS powers quite impressively. They get 10 on the bonus. (365, 315).

GDS wins

By beating Maggie Walker (an excellent team led by a sophomore, Tommy), GDS assured itself of a 10-0 prelim record, which meant that it would be the top seed in the double-elimination playoffs the next day. Running the table is quite impressive and a flash poll during round 7 of the liveblog showed only about 22% of those following thought that GDS could pull it off, so congrats to them.


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