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June 3, 2009

Recap: Playoffs Round 2 New Trier (IL) vs. State College A (PA)

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Once again, Chris Carter. Note that State College A is playing under pseudonyms that all have something in common- good quizbowlers should be able to figure it out (Godot, The Barbarians, My Rocket to Fall, and Lefty).

We are now beginning the major playoff rounds.  Most of the top teams had a bye for round 1 today, while they played out the 6-4 bracket, but now the games are starting.  I am watching State College A play New Trier A, with Jeff Hoppes [the greatest geography player of all time and a member of NAQT] reading.  While waiting a while for the packet, the following things were discussed: 1) Jonestown [the massacre], 2) Henry Gorman [the top player for Wilmington Charter, which ended up winning the tournament], 3) Jane Austen (Ms. Gittings refers to Pride and Prejudice as the Bible), and 4) Chris Borglum [coach of the Valencia Community College team and a reader at the HSNCT].

TU 1 is math calc, already. Ben (G.) gets 10.  On their bonus they get 20. (30,0).

TU 2. Ben Cohen from New Trier powers it.  The bonus was pretty exciting, and they ran it for 30. (30,45).

TU 3. State College gets it for 10, and gets a ridiculous bonus!  They 30 it. (70,45).

TU 4. Ben from SC powers the heck out of this one.  Faces seem to be impressed.  The bonus is math-y but thankfully not computation.  They get 10 on it. (95,45).

TU 5. Ben G. gets it for 10.  They get a CE bonus that they pull 10 on. (115,45).

TU 6. Someone from State College got it, and they 30 it without breaking a sweat. (155,45).

TU 7. David from SC negs it very early, someone on New Trier picked it up.  They get an old pop culture bonus and 30 it. (150,85).

TU 8. Graham gets it, and they 30 it with a guess on the last part. (190,85).

TU 9. Someone on New Trier powers it very early. They get 10 on their science bonus. (190, 110).

TU 10. Full body buzz coming from State College getting them 10 points, and then a film bonus.  They 0 it just as the buzzer goes off. (200,110).

Half time, everyone is happy.  State College has been reminded to “Think.”

TU 11. Ben gets it for 10, racing someone else on SC and someone on New Trier.  After a brief mumble-fest they thirty it. (240,110).

TU 12. David (I believe) gets it for 10.  They 30 it! (280,110).

TU 13. State College negs a very ill-conceived tossup, New Trier picks it up.  They 10 their geography bonus. (275,130).

TU 14. Ben Cohen gets it quite early for 10.  They 20 it. (275,160).

TU 15. State College picks it up near the end.  They get a bonus that Ms. Gittings will kill them over, they only got 20 on it. (305,160).

TU 16. Someone on New Trier gets a really solid buzz on this one.  Another ridiculous common-link bonus but it is all trash. They 20. (305, 190).

TU 17.  Someone from SC (I think Graham) powers it.  They get a pretty good bonus, they get 30 on. (350,190).

TU 18. New Trier gets a really impressive buzz, for 15. They get 30. (350, 235).

TU 19 is math calc again… Can you convert your bases?  New Trier gets it at the very end. They 30. (350, 275).

TU 20. New Trier powers it!  They get a social science bonus and get 20. (350, 310).

Time out by State College.  15 seconds left.  The game is still possible.

TU 21 as the timer goes off. It’s trash.  New Trier gets it for 10.  The bonus is tense, they can only tie though.  They 30 it! Knowing a color, on a guess.  Ben notes “You’re fucking kidding me!”  Ben is angry at pop culture, and colors. (350,350).

Tie breaker must occur.  Three tossups will be played off the clock, with no bonuses, but with negs and powers.

Tiebreaker 22. Ben from New Trier gets it for 10. (350,360).

Tiebreaker 23. Graham gets it for 10! Tied again. (360,360).

Tiebreaker 24. New Trier powers it.  The room notes how clutch a buzz it was. (360,375).

By winning here, New Trier somewhat upset the playoff brackets by pushing State College A into the “loser’s” bracket (at the end of this double-elimination tournament, the winner of the loser’s bracket would play the last team undefeated in playoff play). State College proceeded to go on a rampage, knocking out teams including: Arcadia, Carbondale, Detroit Country Day, Walter Johnson, and even Georgetown Day (GDS) before falling to Dorman. They eventually finished in 3rd place for the tournament with a win over Detroit Catholic Central.


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