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May 10, 2010

The HSNCT Experience: Fuzzy Youtube Footage

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Perhaps the best way to explain what the HSNCT is like, both within and outside the matches, is to see it for yourself. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we have fuzzy videographic evidence from some HSNCTs past.

First, we have a trailer from some never-made professional documentary about the 2007 HSNCT. It provides a fine overview of the whole quizbowl process and gives you an idea of what having 800+ (this year, probably 1,200+) quizbowlers in the same hotel for a weekend is like. Too bad I don’t think they ever ended up getting enough funding to make the full documentary.

Also from 2007, San Mateo (CA) recorded a bit of a mini-documentary about their own experiences. It’s a nice window into a typically enthusiastic team and the ups and downs of a full day of quizbowl. [Random note: I think that’s my voice reading in the first game. Kind of strange to hear.]

And from 2009, Ottawa Hills’ (OH) team (which won the Small-School division title that year) has a nice bit of footage that gives you an idea of just how fast these games can proceed. Getting 24-26 questions in during a mere 18 minutes of game play makes for a very fast-paced environment.

If those video snippets weren’t enough for you, NAQT also has a collection of podcasts from at least one game every round from last year’s HSNCT. These might be useful to get an idea of just how early some of the top teams buzz in during the questions and just how close these matches can get.

For more specific rules and information about the HSNCT, check out NAQT’s official HSNCT site which has the tentative schedule and logistics information, the distribution of the questions used in the tournament by subject, and qualification procedures for teams.


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