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May 23, 2010

Errata and Tournament Liveblog Plans

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First, I wanted to make a correction; in my “Championship Contenders” post, I misleadingly stated that the elimination of mathcomp questions would hurt DCD. What I should have clarified was the elimination of mathcomp tossups at the HSNCT would hurt DCD; mathcomp bonuses will still be in the set. When in doubt between something this blog says and what the official NAQT website says, the website should probably trump the blog unless I explicitly say otherwise. Feel free to ask for clarifications though, especially on controversial, hot-button issues like mathcomp.

With that out of the way, here’s my current plan for the liveblog from the tournament itself:
Friday Night: First blogs from the hotel should come at around 6 PM. I’ll be wandering around the scrimmage rounds and reporting on the local color/any teams I happen to run across; feel free to seek me out. I’ll be a bit busy after the scrimmage rounds end (playing an all-geography side tournament), but I’ll try to post what I can get that night.
Saturday Morning: As the 200 teams make their way to their initial rooms, I’ll choose a room to watch the first-round matchup and start the tournament out with coverage of a match (I’ll let you readers vote on which team I should make a point  of trying to watch in the initial match; see below). After that match, I’ll follow the scoresheet back to the stat room where I’ll camp out as results come in from all of the matches going on at once.
Saturday Afternoon: Just before lunch (i.e. round 6), I’ll try to seek out a room between two top cards and will also do the same in round 7 after lunch ends before returning to the statroom. Thus, I hope to get in 3 full match liveblogs in addition to updating the results as soon as I know.
NOTE: the stat program NAQT is using this year will be the same as last year. Thus, there will not be online live stats. What I will try to do is put up an open google doc with the major results as I hear them so people will be able to refer to that. Individual stats will be much harder to get, so please keep in mind that I may not be able to respond immediately to all requests for individual results; there are a lot of scoresheets floating around the stats room.
Saturday Night: I’ll post a quick recap of the day’s events and some predictions/questions for Sunday, but then it’s off to play an all-history side tournament (just having one side tournament in addition to the main event  isn’t enough for quizbowlers, although these questions are as much for the mostly-collegiate staff as the intrepid high schoolers also brave enough to play0.
Sunday (Playoffs): I’ll probably replicate what worked very well last year; find a room that’ll continue to be used for the playoffs as long as possible and camp out there, liveblogging the matches in that room and reporting on the results from the other matches as soon as they are available. I sincerely hope the final match is held in a wireless-enabled room (unlike last year); otherwise, I might have to get creative in continuing to host the liveblog while getting up-to-date information.

Finally, I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog this weekend and need to get back to real work. I’ll probably not be posting anything until Wednesday at least (when the top 25 poll should come out), though I will continue to monitor and approve comments as needed. In the meantime though, feel free to spread word of this blog to local media or online media outlets! We’ve already gotten over 1,500 hits so far (a significant number via Facebook links- are people really posting this on their Facebook walls?), which is a ton more than the few hundred we got last year before the tournament, so I’m excited for this year’s iteration.

[Note: since not all teams will play the first round due to byes, I’ll cover the 2nd-most-requested team if the most-requested team isn’t playing the first round.]


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