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May 27, 2010

Thursday Grab Bag

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Some random rumors I’ve heard in the past few days. Feel free to add yours.

Note: I take no responsibility for the content of these rumors.

Dunbar will be missing two of its starters; they’ve played before without them, but will not be as powerful as expected.

GDS apparently will have a B team composed of many of its former A team members. Matt will stay on the A team.

Hoover will be missing ones of its best players, Patrick, but has played better (apparently) without him before.

State College has apparently spent the last few months in “study caves,” emerging only for food, water, and school.

Some blog statistics:

  • Total number of visitors in the last 5 days: 1,311
  • Of those, 909 were first-time to the site.
  • Out of the last 500 visitors, 11.4% are from Kentucky, 9.4% are from Texas,  9.2% are from New Jersey, 8.8% are from Michigan, and 8% are from Virginia. One was from Saudi Arabia and another from Russia.

See y’all in Chicago!


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  1. The GDS rumor is false; the only way in which the B-team members are “former A-team members” is that some have played A at one tournament or another.

    Another rumor, though, which is actually true: Douglas Graebner from Whitman will not be attending, which pretty much leaves a Whitman team entirely new to Nationals play.

    Comment by Matt J — May 28, 2010 @ 12:29 am | Reply

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