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May 28, 2010

Friday Night Festivities and Scrimmage Liveblog

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EDIT: I ended up live blogging some prelim matches. Full story to follow tomorrow. Check it out at: Click Here

In these scrimmage matches, you can find Torrey Pines (CA) vs. DCD (MI), State College B (PA) vs. Olmstead Falls A, Caesar Rodney (DE) vs. Russell (KY), Grosse Point North (MI) vs. Chanhassen (MN), Hickman B (MO) vs. Chariton (IA), and Mission San Jose A (CA) vs. Green Hope (NC). Remember that none of these scrimmage matches count and that they were played on 2000 HSNCT questions, so there’s quite a bit of variability in the results.

3:48 PM– Coming at you live from the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.

On the shuttle ride over from O’Hare, I mistook noted NAQT writer Samer Ismail for noted NAQT player Aaron Kashtan. Hilarity ensued. I then alternately talked to and listened as a rather chatty team from Missouri (I think it was Hickman (MO) ) discussed whether or not Okonkwo dies in Things Fall Apart (end result: he commits suicide) and who got to sleep in what bed that night. Most amusing. Finally, I found out from Dallas Simons that his brother Cody may or may not make it to the tournament to play for MLK (TN) since he’s taking an early morning flight tomorrow from Nashville due to the state track meet today.

Also: I know this was mentioned earlier in an email NAQT sent out, but there are a lot of Shibaricon (if you don’t know what it is, be careful googling) people here for their annual convention. Even more surprisingly, the gender ratio for them appears to be 50-50. Don’t worry parents, there’s absolutely nothing related to them going on in any public area, but the sheer number of those people is surprising (although the increasingly large number of high schoolers trickling into the building is beginning to crowd them out).

A few housekeeping notes:

I will unfortunately be without a phone this weekend (great time to lose my phone eh?), so if you’d like to get in touch with me you can follow the liveblog when I post it tomorrow, email me, send me a tweet (@cchiego), or comment here on this blog.

Here’s a Google Docs spreadsheet that I’ll try my best to keep updated tomorrow with at least the records of as many teams as possible.

I’m off to find some decently priced food (probably the McDonald’s a mile away), but I’ll be back around 6 to give live updates from the scrimmage rounds.

4:29 PM– Live from the Rosemont McDonald’s, which is actually much, much nicer than you’d think. They’ve got iron-wrought lamps, leather-like cushioned headsets on the chairs, and free internet access. Rosemont in general is also a lot nicer than I remembered- the interstate interchanges are now beautifully landscaped with lush fields of grass and flower boxes. The weather is also gorgeous- 76 degrees and blue skies. Perhaps NAQT should put a room for tomorrow atop the hotel and get some great PR shots.

5:16 PM– Overhead the coach in the booth next to me talking about beating State College. Turns out it’s Detroit Country Day (MI) and their coach was kind enough to talk extensively. He was previously a coach at St. Andrew’s (MS) and we reminisced about the weirdness of rural Southern quizbowl formats. As far as DCD’s chances go for the rest of the tournament, he hoped that there wouldn’t be another playoff situation like last year where a super-power like State College was knocked into the loser’s bracket early on. He had nothing but plaudits for Neil and his studying habits (Neil was too busy studying to talk, though he did stop by to check out the mythology distribution and was relieved Norse myth was only 1/2) and related an interesting story about DCD’s December match against Dorman where Dorman called a timeout and actually left the room for some intense coaching. Nice to talk to those folks and I’ll now be heading back to the hotel to mix and mingle as the scrimmage rounds start.

6:11 PM – Back at the Hyatt Regency, everything is organized chaos. Teams are registering in a fairly orderly fashion and others are getting assigned scrimmage rounds to read. I’ve been hard-pressed to find a reliable internet source, but I managed to get into the Private Dining Room (!) which is actually being used for scrimmage matches. There are gorgeous crystal chandeliers and weird paintings along the walls. No teams have arrived in here at the moment, but with the elevators jam-packed with people and the internet lacking elsewhere I think I’m going to camp out here for a bit. More updates as things move along. I may try practice liveblogging some of the matches tonight just to make sure everything works, though the main liveblogging will be on Sunday.

6:23 PM- It’s Torrey Pines and Detroit Country Day! This is going to be a heck of a match, so I’m going to try to set up a liveblog so everyone can follow along.

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