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May 29, 2010

Saturday: The Ultimate Liveblog Experience

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Alright folks, today’s the big day–15 rounds of preliminary matches, 64 rooms of play, 10 preliminary rounds per team, 1,089 registered players, and 200 teams battling it out over the swiss-pairings-inspired system of card play. I can’t perfectly explain how the card system works (since it boggles my mind), but basically it ensures that after about the 3rd match teams will start playing other teams of similar levels of ability, making it a true challenge for the top teams to get through the day undefeated as well as ensuring competitive matches for even the least experienced teams at the tournament.

For the link to today’s liveblog, Click Here


More updates will be posted on this blog throughout the day and I will do my best to update this spreadsheet.This liveblog will cover both my own reporting as stats arrive (and occasionally liveblogs of full matches) as well as roving reporterage from Chris Carter, who will be updating a twitter feed at and sending me full reports of the matches he watches, which I will post after a suitable delay to ensure that nobody from another room picks up on the answers.

Questions, comments, feel free to let me know. It’s going to be an epic day.

7:28 AM– A long line of staffers snakes through LAX A as the various moderators and scorekeepers check in. Off to the side lie the 26 team trophies and the innumerable individual awards, just waiting for the teams milling around in the lobby area outside to claim them. I’ll start the liveblog with LASA A (TX) vs. Chariton (IA) during the first round, which should start at some time after 9 AM, and then I will migrate to the statroom to report the results as they arrive.

7:53 AM– Apparently there’s also a rather drunken dart-throwing convention taking place at the hotel at the same time. They’re running around carrying massive containers of alcohol and engaging in dart-throwing competition in some of the convention rooms on the other wing of the hotel. Additionally, rumors of pranksters (possibly high schoolers) may be responsible for those rather annoying fire alarms.

8:01 AM– Staff meeting finally about to start.

8:16 AM– People trying to play “stump the NAQT members” when it comes to the rules. Joel warns moderators that messing up the card system could lead to dire consequences, such as being exiled to Texas permanently.

8:45 AM– The player’s meeting is in progress and should be wrapping up soon. It’s going on over in the convention center, which is a fairly long hike on a rather interesting skybridge (complete with Thomas Hart Benton-esque murals of society!). It looks like a gigantic pow-wow with R. Hentzel (president of NAQT) at the center and standing-room-only for a number of latecomers. Teams are now beginning to file back over from there and I’m now waiting for the first round match of LASA A vs. Chartion.  Switching to the liveblog.


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