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June 2, 2010

Best of the Liveblog

Filed under: Liveblogging — Chris C. @ 4:13 am
For those of you (i.e. most of you) who don’t want to go over the full liveblog, here are some choice moments from it:
8:55 AM
Chris: LASA’s getting a bit of last minute coaching, I think telling them to be clam
Oops, typos from the very start

8:56 AM
Chris: LASA’s sugaring up with gummy worms
Chris: They gave one to me! mmm thanks
[Comment From Evan AdamsEvan Adams: ] conflict of interest…
Bribe the liveblogger: an excellent strategy

9:12 AM
Chris: Henry Gorman just said They’rrrrrrrrre Great

11:36 AM:
[Comment From ieppler: ] Some player on St. Andrews B just smelled the armpit of a teammate.
I still don’t know what prompted this

11:52 AM:
[Comment From Jonathan Graham: ]Does that buzzer set allow people who aren’t active Georgia high school players or coaches to buzz in?

12:00 PM:
Chris: mod warns the audience to be silent? there is no audience
The most Zen-like part of the day

12:21 PM:
Chris: en route to the stat room, I saw a drunken dude with a shirt that said “Straight Nasty”
[Comment From Mary: ] That is very comforting to us parents, Chris. Not shying from the facts, though
[Comment From Megan: ] If you see “straight nasty” again, find out where I can get a shirt like that
No comment

12:41 PM:
Chris: another staffer apparently overhead some Shibaricon person saying “I couldn’t find a panda suit with chain mail to fit”

2:46 PM
Chris: I don’t know if Arcadia knows it’s not playing A-sets
Double burrrn

3:16 PM
Chris: We have a player named Sky Crane in here
He’s a stat room celebrity
It’s true; the stat room was a bit obsessed with this dude and somewhat doubted whether he existed in reality or not

3:19 PM
Chris: SM rebounds, trades “cool dude fist bumps”
As opposed to terrorist fist bumps, of course

4:38 PM
Chris: some Canadians from Lisgar just walked by, calling themselves godless socialists
Hey, they said it, not me

5:12 PM:
[Comment From sumukh: ] CHRIS WE ACKWOLDGE YOU!
Glad to see I was finally acknowledged; being ignored by high schoolers was a key part of my whole weekend

5:53 PM:
Chris: in any case, the number of people yawning in this area is increasing at an alarming rate
Uh oh

6:04 PM:
Chris: one team says “there are no females on our team, so we will pass down our secret pep talk to you next year”
Chris: it makes no sense to me either
Apparently they can’t pass on their secret pep talk to males?

6:50 PM:
[ Comment From SumukhSumukh: ] kay. WORK HARDER!
Glad to hear it

7:07 PM:
[ Comment From Brian Tsuii: ] seriously, sumukh, your comments make MSJ sound creepy
Someone had to say it

7:15 PM:
[ Comment From Douglas Graebner: ] so aaaaaaaaaaaaagh whitman prom comittee why must prom be HSNCT weekend two years in a freaking row?
The agony of prom conflicting with HSNCT


9:23 AM
[Comment From Gautam: ] Justin Beiber….. REPRESENT!…?

9:32 AM
Chris: I ain’t riskin’ internet connection while I got it good here
My Southern accent comes out sooner or later

9:35 AM
Christian Carter: JR has a different shirt color than yesterday.
Chris: Thanks for the info
I think these two weren’t related, but they sound perfect together

9:44 AM
Christian Carter: a tossup with the phrase “greatest blunder” was just negged. poorly. was that your greatest blunder, oak park?

9:51 AM
Christian Carter: JR is eating CE like he eats the pastry that is on the ground next to his chair. wildly, without shame.
This may be the quote of the tournament

10:02 AM
[ Comment From Matt Bollinger: ] *imagines coach cracking whip*
Uh oh

10:02 AM
[Comment From bobbob: ] AHHH WHAT IS THISS.
I don’t know!

10:04 AM
[Matt Jackson] says he’s going to angry mode
[comment From Matt Bollinger: ] yeah he says that. a lot.
Kind of like Mr. Potato Head brought his angry eyes along with him in Toy Story 2?

10:10 AM
Christian Carter: the mod has just asked LASA to “make this one competitive”
I mean, isn’t that what all teams strive to do?

10:32 AM
Chris: GDS is described as a “two heart attack” team
What would a three heart attack team look like?

10:37 AM
Chris: MW is posing for semi-glamour shots
Check your latest issue of Vogue for the pics

10:54 AM
Chris: 10 to SC- they go “rawr” or “raa” or something
I still don’t know what this means

10:56 AM
[Comment From Brendan: ] DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!

10:59 AM
Chris: more sketchy college players enter the room
Are there any non-sketchy college players?

11:01 AM
[Comment From Guest: ] Wheere eez ken j[
Not here, apparently

11:06 AM
Chris:Neg! Neg! say the State Collegers
Ni! Ni!

11:38 AM
Chris: meh, I am useless
Truest words I spoke all tournament

2:07 PM
Chris: each team should have a flag we can see flapping in the wind or something
Chris: it would be more dramatic

2:23 PM [Comment From Demon Sheep: ] Quizbowlers in name only!
If only State College had seen my avatar, they might’ve won

2:40 PM [Comment From Rishi: ] I hate math
Sums up the tournament

2:51 PM Chris: Chad scares the living daylights out of everyone by yelling into the microphone
A fitting conclusion


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