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May 27, 2011

HSNCT Previews: The Best of the Rest

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While these teams probably won’t be among the top few teams, these teams have proven to be some of the best in their region. All of these have a good chance of going 7-3 on Saturday and finishing T-21 (at least!) on Sunday. I would have loved to give more detailed descriptions of some of these teams, but unfortunately I don’t have too much time left on my hands.

(Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the rankings given in the HSQB poll and Fred Morlan’s rankings, respectively.)

Georgetown Day (NR, #33): While Georgetown Day probably doesn’t have much hope of a title since the departure of Matt Jackson, they are still quite possibly the fifth-best team in attendance in the region. Daniel Brach-Neufeld has put up some very good numbers, and they could possibly make a splash on Sunday with a full team.
Kellenberg (NR, #38)/ St. Joseph’s (NR, #51): These two schools are usually near or at the top of the field in New York area tournaments. Originally, Kellenberg were clear favorites, but St. Joseph’s has won the last few encounters. Both of these teams certainly have the ability to go 7-3 on Saturday and enter Sunday in the winner’s bracket.

Copley (#15, #15)/ Olmsted Falls (#17, #17): Copley, Olmsted Falls, and Northmont are a trio of Ohio schools that are ranked very close to each other, and for good reason. All three of these schools have the very real possibility to reach the top 12, and it could very well hinge on what playoff seeds the three of them get. Right now I have Northmont on top, as they seem to do slightly better (though their ability on NAQT questions isn’t as hot as they’d like it to be), but it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen. (EDIT: It appears that Copley will be missing their second-best player.)
Loyola (#19, #20)/ Carbondale (#21, #18)/ IMSA (#22, #21): Another powerful trio of high schools, this time from Illinois. All three of them have a very god chance of reaching the top 20, and we could possibly even see one finish T-8th. If I had to rank these teams, I would put IMSA first, followed by Loyola, and then Carbondale. From what I have heard, IMSA is quite strong at NAQT questions, which would put them just past the other two.

Dunbar (#19, #20)/ duPont Manual (#24, #28): These are far and away the two best teams from Kentucky. They each have put up impressive numbers at tournaments in the area, beating teams such as Northmont, Auburn, and even Dorman. Both of these teams have very good chances to make it into the top 20, and I would be surprised if neither of them were to achieve that.
Chattahoochee (#25, #24)/ Walton (NR, #25): Like Centennial above them, these two schools will enjoy the home-field advantage of HSNCT being in their home state. Both of these teams have beaten Dorman at some point during the year, as well as a victory by Chattahoochee over Centennial. They both have the ability to pull of a major upset or two and make it deep into Sunday, so expect a top 20 finish (at least) for one or both of these teams.

Mission San Jose (#23, #23)/ Torrey Pines (NR, #26): While Mission San Jose has been living in the shadow of Bellarmine, Torrey Pines has been having its way in Southern California, losing only a handful of matches throughout the year. These two will most likely be competing for who is second in the state of California, and both teams seem perfectly capable of claiming that title.
St. Mark’s (NR, #27)/ Cistercian (NR, #31): While Dallas’ own St. Mark’s may have slightly better stats on paper, cross-town rivals Cistercian has been bolstered by impressive victories on NAQT sets, beating LASA, Seven Lakes, as well as St. Mark’s. I’d expect both these teams to comfortably set seven wins on Saturday and make it to the top thirty-three, with perhaps Cistercian finishing tied for 13th.



  1. This incipient anti-cestercianizm is ridickulus. Cisterscian should be favored to won the tournement.

    Comment by Mother S. — May 27, 2011 @ 10:12 am | Reply

  2. Copley will be missing its second best player, Jackson.

    Comment by Ohio quizbowl fan — May 27, 2011 @ 2:13 pm | Reply

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