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May 26, 2012

Totally Serious Predictions for Sunday

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  • Santa Monica misreads the schedule and assume they’re supposed to play Centennial instead of playing in the Centennial Ballroom. Unfortunately for them, Centennial doesn’t have to arrive until Round 18, so Santa Monica ends up forefitting their first two playoff rounds waiting for them to arrive.
  • Thomas Jefferson (VA) arrive at their Round 17 game, only to find Thomas Jefferson (MO) there. NAQT, realising that they didn’t actually specify which TJ was supposed to make the playoffs, settles the issue with one sudden-death tossup, which Missouri’s team win thanks to their inexplicable knowledge of the lyman alpha forest.
  • High Tech and Ladue play in an intense game where all but one question is either powered or power-vulched the entire game. Moderator Rob Carson sets a new record when he manages to finish all 24 tossups right as time expires for the first half.
  • Nikhil’s flight to Atlanta gets cancelled, but he is able to get permission to play via Skype. Bellarmine are down 10 to DCC with one tossup to go, when Nikhil makes an extremely early buzz. Unfortunately his power goes out right as he’s about to get the correct answer, costing them the game.
  • Kealing become a surprise entrant in the small school playoffs after it is noted that as they are a middle school, they most certainly have less than 500 students enrolled in grades 10-12.
  • After teams come back from lunch, it is discovered that NAQT forgot to reserve the rooms for Sunday afternoon, and so all the game rooms are instead being used for a forensics tournament. All remaining games are moved to the food court.
  • In the finals, State College becomes the first team since 2005 to successfully defend their title and the first 6-4 team to ever win HSNCT, thanks to the efforts of their previously unknown substitute player, Scram Scroyer.

And now you know why I shouldn’t post anything at 12:30 AM.


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